Grilling For Beginners – Grilled Chicken Thighs

How To Grill Chicken Thighs … its easier than you think. Overcooked and Undercooked chicken are two of the worst things that can happen on your grill at home. Let us show you how to grill the juiciest chicken thighs you have ever had. Its all about technique… and a little about seasoning. In this […]

How to BBQ CHICKEN LEGS on the Grill Recipe – LIKE A CHAMP!!!

BBQ LIKE A CHAMP!!! MAKE IT FALL OFF THE BONE!!! After watching this video, I’m sure you’ll agree that I may be the GREATEST BARBEQUE MASTER OF ALL TIME. This video covers marinating chicken legs for the perfect juicy taste using the indirect smoking technique used by masters everywhere plus secret tips and tricks. I […]

How to make BBQ – Easy Home made BBQ Grilled Chicken Recipe

Hello everyone, this is a simple basic home cooked BBQ Chicken ! You can play with your flavours,, me and my family love it specially in summer!!!. Hope you will enjoy this BBQ. If you have not subscribed join the family by subscribing by clicking on the Red button. Pls comment, like & share with […]