Grilling For Beginners – Grilled Chicken Thighs

How To Grill Chicken Thighs … its easier than you think. Overcooked and Undercooked chicken are two of the worst things that can happen on your grill at home. Let us show you how to grill the juiciest chicken thighs you have ever had. Its all about technique… and a little about seasoning. In this […]

McDonald’s NEW Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich Review

McDonald’s is out with a NEW Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich. It’s a crispy buttermilk breaded chicken fillet with Spicy BBQ Sauce, pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun. If you don’t like spicy don’t worry it’s not very spicy. Our channel is all about giving our 2¢ to help save you time and money! […]


Student recipes: Melting cheddar cheese and sticky BBQ chicken toasties that take 5 minutes to cook up. Get the full recipe here: Subscribe for more: Subscribe now for more quick & easy student recipes, hacks and how-tos: ** JOIN US! ** On Twitter: On Facebook: On Instagram: On Web: […]


This is an easy way to make BARBECUE / BBQ CHICKEN. Hope you all will like it, please drop in comments if you have any questions and let me know about your cooking experience. Total time taken in the oven is : 1 hour , 5 minutes. Breakup below. – 30 minutes @ 200 Degree […]

Domino's Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Review

Q returns (he was hungry) just in time to review Domino’s Memphis BBQ Chicken pizza, uses only premium grilled chicken, crunchy fresh onions, and three cheeses: mozzarella, provolone and cheddar on a hand-tossed crust. #pizza #mrhappy0121 #dominos #memphisbbq #dominospizza source It's only fair to share…FacebookPinterestemailTwitterYummlyTumblrPrintReddit

Kentucky Fried Chicken – The Colonel's BBQ Chicken – Australia, 1986

Now I’m sure that many of the shots of the chicken are recycled from 1981 – – and they’ve just got Fred and Charlie superimposed over ’em. This was a bit of a pain in the backside to transfer, the picture just did not want to lock in, but we got there in the […]

Indonesian Food – INSANELY Spicy Grilled Chicken (Ayam Taliwang) in Jakarta, Indonesia!

Indonesian food is amazing, and Ayam Taliwang will ignite your tastebuds! ►Read more about Ayam Taliwang Rinjani here: ►Subscribe for more food: When I was in Jakarta, one of the Indonesian dishes I was recommended to try wat Ayam Taliwang, a type of grilled chicken that originates from the island of Lombok, and […]

Mang Inasal Recipe Hack | Philippine-Style Grilled Chicken

It hasn’t been a long time since I discovered the flavors of the Mang Inasal Chicken. There’s too many branches of this restaurant that I never thought of trying it out because I had the assumption that it was just another tasteless grilled chicken. Not until Jun insisted that we and the kids give it […]

How to BBQ CHICKEN LEGS on the Grill Recipe – LIKE A CHAMP!!!

BBQ LIKE A CHAMP!!! MAKE IT FALL OFF THE BONE!!! After watching this video, I’m sure you’ll agree that I may be the GREATEST BARBEQUE MASTER OF ALL TIME. This video covers marinating chicken legs for the perfect juicy taste using the indirect smoking technique used by masters everywhere plus secret tips and tricks. I […]